GamersGameplay: Games of August 2011

GamersGameplay writes: "August is here the middle of the summer, it's hot outside, and the dry season for gaming. You may be wondering if there are any upcoming games that could be your summer salvation. Worry not my friend because today I have a list for you highlighting some of the best games of August. These games will help keep you nice and cool indoors and will quench your gamer thirst."

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I-Hate-usernames2418d ago

Deus Ex: Human Revolution for me, and maybe Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition + Bodycount (because of BLACK)

SteveThe1ne2417d ago

I'm definitely going to be getting El Shaddai, and Deus Ex is looking awesome.

EmperorDalek2417d ago

What's the point in these articles? The only major release this August is Deus Ex.

OtakuRockU2417d ago

I'll agree that Deus Ex is the most hyped, anticipated, and arguably best release this month. The point is to show a little bit of love to some of the less hyped, but still good games to be released.

A lot of games that have fallen under the radar ended up being some of my favorite games. Not every gamer has the same taste in games either. To some Madden NFL 12 will be the only big release, and Tropico 4 to others.

Gamehard2417d ago

I think the point is for people to read them >.>

SteveThe1ne2417d ago

I do have to agree with this. >>