Mark Wahlberg to star in 'Max Payne'

Variety reported on November 8 that Twentieth Century Fox has signed Mark Wahlberg to star in "Max Payne," a live-action adaptation of the bestselling Rockstar video game that will begin production early next year. John Moore will direct.


Correction: Fox has not signed Wahlberg for Max Payne - they are currently in negotiation.

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Diselage4055d ago

Sweet, I'm still a fan of Wahlberg. Not sure if he's the best person for this role but he should be able to do it quite well.

socomnick4055d ago

mark is super short he shouldnt play max payne. But mark is a good actor so he will do alright.

Neurotoxin4055d ago

Least its not..... Maaattt Daaamoon.

predator4055d ago

thats good, mite be a decent film.

also guys check this out...

also sounding very promising

KidMakeshift4055d ago

Just say no to Marky Mark and his funky bunch

Ghoul4055d ago

mark wahlberg kicks ass.

hes defiantly one of my favorite shooting actors, shooter was awesome and hes getting better and better :)

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The story is too old to be commented.