Resistance 3 Beta Walkthrough & Impressions | Pixel Enemy

Pixel Enemy takes you through the class customization, character skins, and my impressions of the gameplay so far in the Resistance 3 Beta for PS3.

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ChiVoLok02537d ago

To be honest, it looks similar to Call of Duty's Multiplayer but I'm actually excited for this one.

solidworm2537d ago

Lol that was a disaster,....try again.

Ethereal2537d ago

It's called a beta for a reason.

InFAMOUS12537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

This is not a true beta... This game hits in 5 weeks... The game is already gone gold.. Expect a patch on day of release, followed by 8 more before they get the issues ironed out...

I have had nothing but problems on the beta to the point where I am 50/50 about keeping my pre-order.

Insomniac are in my top 5 devs but what I have played the last 3 days is a real disappointment from such an amazing dev team..

TKCMuzzer2537d ago

This is not a true beta? Can you explain that?
You say they are one of your top five devs and then show little faith in them getting the problems sorted. You confuse me.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2537d ago

This IS a true beta. Ppl think that of beta's as glorified demo's when in fact their purpose is to help the game devs find problems with the code. (Which is why I don't see why ppl are getting so angry at the problems). It's not for you to have fun. It's to make the game better.

That being said the beta is pretty fun :)

Ethereal2537d ago

Name one mega release that has not had problems day one and has had some sort of tweaking after launch? Probably going to be hard to find. I am still to this day supporting Resistance as I did when I purchased it on launch day of the PS3, for single player. No doubt that they have crafted one of the best SP to date in the series (read hands on previews). This is what happens when a generation of so called "gamers" are obsessed with online play. It takes an extremely long time to work out every single kink in the code, it's inevitable. People can sit here and moan about problems in a beta but until you write your own code and craft a game from scratch, then we can talk. It saddens me that you are even thinking about not keeping a preorder for what is no doubt going to be an awesome experience SP and multiplayer. Ye have so little faith...

goodfellas272537d ago

I lost faith in insomniac. I'll wait for this game to drop in price. I don't think is worth $60 base on what I'm seeing and what I felt with R2 when I played it. I guess this one will not pass part 1. I just wish they add trophies to the original.

EmperorDalek2537d ago

The multiplayer is garbage IMO, it's clearly trying to be like COD, but isn't as good and it looses the feeling of part 1 and 2's multiplayer.

And this isn't a beta, it's so close to release that 99% of the gameplay will be the same in the full game. The only thing it's testing is the servers.

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