Kaidan Alenko speaks! An interview with Raphael Sbarge

In yet another edition of our Mass Effect interviews we chat with voice actor Raphael Sbarge about his character from Mass Effect, Kaiden Alenko.

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Nate-Dog2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

I love all these little interviews you guys always manage to get, they're always a good read. I really liked Kaidan in ME, even though a lot of people seemed to think he was really dull and boring at times I found him as a character very interesting (and as a squadmate very useful) and am really looking forward to seeing what happens with him in ME3, he looks like he has changed a lot from the guy we knew in ME (and from the one we met in ME2).

Also I lol'd at the little story at the comic convention hah.

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no_more_heroes2511d ago

This is weird to me, since it was he that I sacrificed in ME1. This is kinda like listening to a dead man talking.

InTheLab2511d ago

Kaiden is a dead man in my Mass Effect. Even when I rolled a femshep. Even though Ashley is a total bitch that I imagined I dated in High School. Even though he's significantly more useful than soldier Ashley. Even though Garrus begged me to spare him and he owes Wrex 5 space bucks, both of which I imagined.

I just don't like him.

InTheLab2511d ago

Are you questioning my imagination? I'm going to imagine you didn't do that :)

gaden_malak2511d ago

I'm questioning what I read.

mistajeff2511d ago

he'll always be carth to me, dammit