Modern Warfare 3 For The Nintendo DS – Are Players Going To Be Disappointed?

N-Space will once again be bringing the Call of Duty franchise to Nintendo’s dual-screened handheld, but with the consoles limitations and Call of Duty’s reliance on multiplayer, how will it stack up to it’s big brother console release?

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TomInc2448d ago

It will no doubt be disapponting to a hardcore audience, but let's be fair.. Why would you buy it in the first place if you could get the console version??

I think it's good for making the game series as accessible as possible. There's a fair market for people who have a DS and none of the HD consoles.

TurismoGTR2448d ago

they want that extra $$$

firefoxprime2448d ago

Gotta admit. I tried COD4 on the DS and hated it. The controls sucked. Like any game, there was a learning curve. After a couple of hours...I started to get the hang of the controls. Eventually I was actually able to appreciate the deep work put into the little DS title. n-Space is a stellar developer.

Obviously a console experience is better. Yet, I can definetely say I enjoyed the capaign's on COD4(DS). Didn't expect much, so I was pleasantly surprised.

LOGICWINS2448d ago

"Why would you buy it in the first place if you could get the console version??"

THIS. And even if the DS is the only console you own, I doubt you thought about playing Modern Warfare the day you bought a DS.

NukaCola2448d ago

I have no interest, and I expect it it to do poorly since M Rated games don't sell well on the DS. Plus no 3DS version is a fail.

JBSleek2448d ago

Is this a legit question??
Wait are people thinking it's going to be awesome?? On the DS lol...

EZMickey2448d ago

As far as I know, PS Vita is getting a Call of Duty game. Though it's unlikely to be Modern Warfare 3.

TheCrazyMerc2448d ago

I know theyre making one, but its would be cool to have it as MW3

blumatt2448d ago

Imagine the PS Vita players and the PS3 players being able to play online against and with each other. That. Would. Be. Awesome!!

EZMickey2448d ago

I don't think when Activision Blizzard made the decision to release it on that platform they aspired for it to be anything other than a cash in.

I wonder what the developers at N-Space's aspirations may be. To be given better opportunities to show off their ability or to earn some paperstacks

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The story is too old to be commented.