Why I'm still captivated by Final Fantasy VII

Pioneer Project: Replaying Final Fantasy VII is in many ways like returning to an old flame. Upon reflection it was my first gaming love, the experience which didn't just set me on the gaming path, but set the tone of all other games I would come to enjoy.

I was no longer a child who enjoyed playing games, but a young adult who identified as a gamer. It was for me (and many others) my gaming coming of age story.

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NukaCola2393d ago

I would say Kingdom Hearts or Chrono Trigger is the champ JRPG, but FFVII is up there. FFVII was the first truly epic cinematic RPG I had played and it did so much right. I love all FF equally though, minus X-XIII & Mystic Quest (Yes I didn't like X because it was too linear. Epic story though. Never pplayed the MMOs but don't care). I also loved Crystal Chronicles

CaptainMarvelQ82393d ago

Kingdom Hearts is an action RPG

bangoskank2392d ago

Panzer Dragoon Saga is a much better game.

SaiyanFury2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

OK, I'm not going to claim what is the best FF for everybody. It's too convoluted of an issue, and there's too many people who think differently, therefore there are always going to be people who disagree. Is FF7 an amazing game? Yes, I believe so, but there are others as well. As well there are other people who think it's not the best one in the series.

Personally, I enjoy FF8 the most. Do I think it's the best? No. And I'll tell you why. While I, personally love it and my perception of the Junction system is awesome, it's not for everyone. A lot of people don't have the patience for the magic-draw system in the game. The Junction system is also somewhat complex for an FF game. That said, I DO have the patience and love the overall world and characters in the game.

Now for what I *personally* think is the best FF, I, as in ME, not speaking for the majority, would say FF7. I say this because it's more accessible than FF8. It doesn't take as much patience and it's not as convoluted as FF8. I'd also like to go on record as saying that I love FF6 as well, bloody good game. Never played the earlier ones so I can't comment on them. I can only comment on the ones I have played. I didn't care for 9 AS much as 7 or 8 but it was still fun. 10 I didn't really care for, and 11 was online and I don't play online games. I dug 12 quite a lot even though a lot of people didn't.

Pardon this rather long post, I just felt it necessary to point out that people will never come to a consensus as to which game is best. I just put it out there which one, again I, PERSONALLY think is best. I'm not asking for agrees or disagrees, I just wanted people to think about which is their favourite and not bang me around just because they might disagree. :)

RedDead2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Suikoden 2 >...the others.

As for FF's, I like 4,6,7,8,9,10...haven;t played 12, didn't like 13. I like FF7 the most because of the world and the way it takes the piss out of itself,and the way there is always some random thing you do like snow boarding, finding your way through the northern thing with a map, bike game, RTS on condor reactor, submarine etc...there's just alot of stuff, second favorite with FF is actually the whole of FF8 disk 1, just pure gold.

raWfodog2392d ago

FFVII was my first Final Fantasy and you always remember your first but I've also liked almost every other FF that I played after, even the ones that get all the hate. Each one of them were unique in their way and they all had compelling stories.

I've played 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, 12, and I haven't finished 13 yet but I will, before I buy 13-2. I agree the single digit games were more fun though, IMO...

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MrSpace2393d ago

You want to know the sad fact about FF7, it's not even the best one. Sure you can say it changed the way we look at JPRG games but FF8 and FF9 did most things better. To say it's the best because it's the first one that changed our out look on JRPGs is stupid, fair enough if it was a "Top 5 games that changed the way we think about games" but it's always considered the best because of that main reason.

It's like when you were at school at a young age and someone did something really cool which made people respect him, even if you did something better it wouldn't matter because you wern't the first person to gain peoples respect like that. People would always compare what you did to what he did first....yet if it was the other way and you did your thing first you would be the respected one instead.

Point is if FF8 or FF9 came was the first FF game to come out for the PS1 (terms of story, characters, gameplay...basicaly everything) then that would be the "best FF game ever".

It's such a shame to see how most, and I said most, people can't think for themselfs and how to go by what other people have said.

iamtehpwn2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Think about what you're saying for a moment.
"FF8 and FF9 did most things better."

well..Shouldn't they? I mean, if you're creating a franchise and the next game isn't an improvement from the former, doesn't that mean you've failed?

FF8 and 9 were in many aspects better than VII, but they were only "Better" in a sense of the framework that FFVII laid down.

Land Mark games in the series are always remembered most, therefore that's why huge leaps forward in the series like (6, 7, and 10) tend to have the biggest number of fans; although it's entirely subjective which FF is better.

MrSpace2393d ago

The point is, and we have all seen this on this site, when you get these "Top 5 best stories", "Top 10 best characters", "Top 5 best bosses", FF7 is ALWAYS on there in some form even though it dosen't deserve to be when other FF stuff should be on there instead.

Top 5 best stories...FF7
Top 5 best chacters...Cloud
Top 5 best bosses...Sephiroth

Obviously these are examples but it happens, 9 times out of 10 when those top...sites come on here from whatever site FF7 is on there when other FF titles did it better. That's what I'm talking about in terms of "better"

iamtehpwn2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Maybe because a lot of people DO like FFVII? I mean, you know, if all liked FF# that you did, there'd still someone saying <insert trolling here>.

If you personally don't like the game, there's no need to talk about how much better other games were to spoil the enjoyment and feelings people feel about a game that is a different choice.

WhiteLightning2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I think what bugs me the most with this whole "Which Final Fantasy game is better FF7/8/9" is that when it comes to nit picking the games to see it's flaws (so we can decide which one is better) most people come up with some crappy excuses towards why a game like, for example Final Fantasy 8 is worse then Final Fantasy 7. Final Fantasy 8 does get a lot of hate...and it's for nothing really.

Oh the draw system is crap.....even though you don't NEED to draw in battle. I had a ton of magic at the end of the game and I didn't even draw unless it was for GF's. (Thank you Island of Heven and Hell)

The Junction system is too complicated even though in the next sentence most people would say " can easily max of your stats with juncation magic system". So what is it complicated or easy, make your mind up

"Squalls character is an "emo" he's so depressing, he's basicaly a jerk". Yes he is IF you judge him from the Squall we meet at the start of the game yet no one comments about the most amazing character development in the game. From a lonley selfish jerk to a brave heroic leader, yet no one says anything about the changed Squall we see at the end of the game. His character development, for me, is the best in the entire FF series because we see that change throughout the course of the game. If Squall is an "emo" then please what does that make Cloud because they are pretty alike in terms of emotional backgrounds that made them who we play in the game.

I don't hate Final Fantasy 7, I just hate the silly excuses people come up with to make it seem like it has one over every other FF game when it dosen't. People seem to come up with silly excuses. I would go on about FF9 but I thinik I've said too much.

Peaceful_Jelly2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Let's be honest. When you start playing FFVIII the game makes you think that it is a totally unique and innovative game with a very serious setting and intriguing plot and characters. All that quirky and charming stuff stuff you would find on other Jrpg's like the extravagant outfits and silly characters like say "Jar Jar Bean" is not here [we have an idiot like Zell that loves eating hotdogs instead]. FFVIII is a Jrpg that take itself seriously, something that doesn't happen very often.

The first half of the game is you just following orders to complete different missions until you defeat Edea and is around this time that you start thinking that something is seriously wrong with this game. Everything becomes so unfocused you don't even know what's going on anymore. Then they explain everything almost at the end of the game with a Super-Mega-Terrible plot device about they losing their memories due to the continuous use of the GF.

All those dreams about Laguna were to make you remember what was the purpose for the creation of SeeD. And it was to fight the Sorceress Adel but it seems none of them ever questioned from where they came from until the terrible device came up. After that Squall becomes heroic and he falls in love with Rinoa, everything was forced and made in haste.

That character development you're talking about doesn't exist. All the characters in this game are one dimensional. Can you even remember an event where you felt Squall was changing beside that part where Squall goes to save Rinoa in outer space dressed as an astronaut? Because he wasn’t doing it because he loved her, he was doing it because he was the main character. What do we even know about all the other characters beside the fact that they all are orphans and childhood friends? Nothing!

FFVIII is one plotless game with amazing setting, graphics and music but that was it. Who the heck is Adel anyway? The guy came out of the blue as the main villain just for the sake of it.

Nerdmaster2393d ago

"IF you judge him from the Squall we meet at the start of the game yet no one comments about the most amazing character development in the game."

The problem is that Squall is so annoying, but SO annoying (and what's worse, he doesn't even have any reason to be such a jerk), and for so long, that his "character development" seems forced. In the end it's like "come on, this guy couldn't possibly have changed so much so suddenly".

While I played this game, a part of me really hoped that he would die or at least turn evil so I could kill him myself, and Quistis would become the protagonist. A character who wasn't trusted by her superiors, failed as a teacher, had to face her own student (Seifer) who decided to side with the enemy, had to prove that she was more than people thought she were... Now that's a character whose story I'd have liked to see from beginning to end, instead of one about a guy who says "whatever" for everything.

Max Power2393d ago

MrSpace, you are using your opinions as fact, which is where you are coming off as a jerk. Also, those Top 10 lists are formed from any statistical information other than polls from readers or from the opinions of the author themselves. So getting upset about those, again, is were you are coming off as a jerk.

Peaceful_Jelly2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I remember some of my friends talking about this game when it came out saying that it was awesome but it never got me interested because even for the time the graphics were awful, the box-art looked really cool but that was it. My first FF game was FFVIII when I was like 14-15 years old and then FFIX, X, VI and XII. <---{in that order

It wasn't until I played FFXIII that I was so utterly disappointed by it that I thought, what else is there to play? And I remembered about FFVII and I said to myself: "if I was able to finish such a terrible game (FFXIII) then I could play a bit of FFVII to try and understand the hype" and so I did.

I was really misled by the haters, I really thought the game was an overrated piece of crap but after playing it myself I was like: "are these people insane?". FFVII is one of the best FF games ever, only second to VI and not by much.

bequietjohnnie2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

still to this day when i hear the soundtrack to this game, i get lost in trying to save aeris from sephiroth, running around on a breeded chocobo, the final fight with jenova/sephiroth, and spending hours and hours playing through this game as a kid. this game for a lot of us, reminds us of some of the best memories of being a kid all over again and getting drawn into another fantasy world.

man, i love this game.

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