Top 5 Video Game Coverups

Gaming Irresponsibly writes, "Here are the top 5 secrets the gaming industry tried to keep secret, hid within games or just out right denied the existence of. Some have become the stuff of legend whilst others were downright hilarious."

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agentxk2540d ago

The rrod was the worst

Rushing_Punch2540d ago

Didn't ET kill atari? Gearbox needs to bury DNF in a landfill

KernalSanders2540d ago

In comparison, DNF was no where near as bad as ET. Good movie though.

Rushing_Punch2540d ago

Dunno DNF is one of the worst games i have played

arjman2540d ago

You must not have played many games then

DarkSymbiote2540d ago

ET wasn't that bad. What do you expect from a 2600 game? It was disappointing because the movie was so good.