Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Scan Shows Bardock vs Frieza

Free roam and Bardock vs Frieza are both confirmed in the latest DBZ game.

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subtenko2541d ago

I always said I'll buy a new dbz game if the graphics look like the actual anime show...well..this kinda looks close..I think...I need to check out more gameplay of this game tho, I might buy it.

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Hanif-8762540d ago

I disagree therefore i'll agree lol

CrzyFooL2541d ago

Bardock has a power level of like 4, my scouter was like MEH

DrRichtofen2541d ago

I wonder if King Vegeta will make a little appearance?

Flashwave_UK2541d ago

lol i would burn the game if he was in it.

DrRichtofen2541d ago

lol why you'd get see him attempt to get his son back but die doing so.

iNFAMOUZ12541d ago

first dbz game ima buy since budokai 1 lmao, if they seriously add a free roam and alot more legendary characters like bardock then count me in!!!

e-p-ayeaH2541d ago

there´s free roam like budokai 3

theonlylolking2540d ago

The last one I bought was Tenkaichi 2. This one looks like it will be good.

denero12541d ago

the only way this can be exciting is if it plays out like the movie with every detail -_- i want to see him kill the nsmek and get the power to see the future

i dont want some cut scene where they spout random nonsense then fight

i want the levels to match up with the actual story to -_-

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