Black Death (Playstationfans)

Darkworks the french company who brought us Alone in the dark new nightmare, cold fear and was the original developer for the long awaited I am alive is working on a game called black Death.

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Gigglefist2507d ago

I played the Beta. The atmosphere was really solid. I'm looking forward to this

Holeran2507d ago

Looks pretty decent. A lot of good games coming out lately.

DrRichtofen2507d ago

Lol I read the title thinking it was calling playstation fans black death.

shodaime2507d ago

I had to put the name of the site according to the people that reported me.
Glad you all you enjoy it and like it

Blackdeath_6632507d ago

lol i thought the article was about me. when i read the title

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