DIVX and XVID are being supported on PS3 when HOME comes?

In the latest firmware 2.0 update, Xvid and Divx files can now be detected as video options on the PS3.

Quote from PSU:
Now the files still won't work on the PlayStation 3, but this new find may lead us to believe Sony is planning to support both Xvid and Divx files in the future. My guess is that Sony may be doing this so that when Home is launched, users can convert their files to Divx (for smaller file sizes) and use them to display in their Home studios.

Divx is well known in the internet world for its ability to compress lengthy video to smaller storage sizes, without losing visual quality. Xvid (Divx spelled backwards) is a direct competitor to Divx, providing similar compression features and supporting MPEG 4 and H.263 video formats.

If Sony plans to fully support these video formats, this will help when importing videos into your PlayStation Home as they will upload faster without losing quality.

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Neurotoxin4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

That is going to cost Sony a LOT of money to licence.

Home is definitely intriguing to say the least.

kewlkat0074053d ago

reasons MS also have not given it to its fans as well..

This is the most important feature for me.

Man thats a long way to wait, but Tversity does a fine job for now.

Oh well

apoc064052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

i know there is a cost for divx licensing, but i swore xvid was free.

i have to check wikipedia, but i always thought xvid was created by people fed up with divx not being free, so they reverse engineered divx and improved it slightly to make xvid and offer it free. reverse engineering... names reversed... get it?


yep, i was right. well, kinda. and xvid is free as in beer.

P4KY B4053d ago

MS now HAVE to put DIVX support in the fall update.

Thats why competition is good for us consumers.

mighty_douche4053d ago

even 'Media Player' has problems playing alot of xvid/divx files. admittidly you can find third party codecs but you wont be able to do that on the 360.

ItsDubC4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

I was always under the impression that while MS *could* put in DivX and Xvid support, they never will because it is in direct competition with their own WMV codec.

Bathyj4053d ago


I want this more than any other update. More than ingame music, XMB or anything else. If cheap arse DVD players can do it why not PS3? I have a 500gb external plug into my PS3 and it would just become a big fat photo/music/movie jukebox.

Siesser4053d ago

Same here; I've got an external crammed full of anime. I'm getting by with TVersity so far, but it lacks the ability (at least for me) to fastworward past 1.5x, which turns out to be an issue more frequently than I'd have thought possible. Also, on rare occassions, a video isn't transcoded properly, where there's like a green afterimage shifted to the right or left.

murfo4053d ago

this is exactly what i've been waiting for, more than any other feature

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The story is too old to be commented.