3DS: Is It Failing At Retail? takes a look at the sales data behind the 3DS' recent price cut. Is it failing everywhere at retail as is the widespread perception or are its tribulations more regional than global.

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charmer2514d ago

it never was with the price cut and will sell through the roof..

Samus HD2514d ago

when people see a little negativity (on 3ds this time)
they keep exaggerating because most of them are not smart / I mean they can't see the positivity part.
they are Conformists
thank you (I agree with you above)

Shnazzyone2514d ago

Yeqah, little early to tell with it being mid-summer and the price cut not going into effect yet. After the price cut we'll see what the sales are like then.

CDbiggen2514d ago

So much hate for the 3DS on these boards. I hope it does well.

Shnazzyone2513d ago

It's a Nintendo product. The hate is amazing this gen. Mostly it stems from a sort of inferiority complex Sony gamers got as the ps3 proved to be the third place console this gen after 2 gens of success.