Nintendo’s Precarious Position With The Wii U

Being the first console out the door in a new generation can come with some major pros and cons. The good side is that they’re the first to start the race. This tends to give them the upper hand, at least for a time.

It also allows developers to get an idea of what they might expect with other consoles since, usually, next-gen consoles are similarly powered. There is great risk however, releasing a next gen console first can lead to some problems.

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charmer2477d ago

with the wiiu nintendo can win hands down...

mike1up2476d ago

Yea they can. I just hope that i win too. Being a hardcore gamer that only owns a Wii is not easy.

mike1up2477d ago

a WiiU article where the author wasnt completely bashing Nintendo? let me make sure that im on the right website...

nice FAIR article. great points all the way around.

TruthbeTold2477d ago

Also, you've got to love how since this article ISN'T negative, it's getting very little attention. This community as a whole is pathetic sometimes...

jacen1002477d ago

gotta agree nintendo positivity breeds silence on here lol

gameguidedog2477d ago

Watching the innovative ideas behind having one player in a co-op use the screen controller and the others without it to hunt for them in kinda a 'battleship' seeking style game (racing with cars like RacerX though) was truly innovative, using it to look around in a gaming world, not so much as i'd rather just look around with a directional button instead of raising my arms. Overall tho, it's inventive and original like all Nintendo products have been to date. It's just a matter of the age demographics of the games in question being the reasoning for the purchase of the console, and they've locked in the younger crowd option so it's still a smart play IMHO.