World’s First Indian Female Protagonist in a Video Game?

Official Anaksha 2 Game Development Blog: "Something just struck me – I think Anaksha may be the world’s first fully-developed, Indian female protagonist in a video game. I don’t know of any other game where the lead character has been an Indian girl (and by Indian I mean East Indian and not native American). I don’t think she’s the worlds first Indian computer game protagonist, but I think she could possibly be the first female. And I definitely know she’s not the first Indian female protagonist in general because the film industry (especially Bollywood) have been doing that for years. But to see a character like this in a game is very rare."

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Jocosta2357d ago

I fail to see why it matters any longer.

ATi_Elite2357d ago

The world is made up of all different Races but only one Race matters and that's the Human Race!!

But if you get away from the stale stereotype characters and make Movies and Games from the perspective of other cultures then you get FRESH IDEAS which is more important than just replacing the stereotype character with a character spray painted to look non traditional and given an accent.

For example the Alien movie District 9 had a whole different feel to it cause they filmed it in Johannesburg Africa instead of a Hollywood back lot.

Fresh Ideas buy using a different cultural perspective and environment. I'm for adding more Cultural characters to games but it's better when the game is seen from their culture perspective which video games lack.

Kakihara2357d ago

As a dark elf I find your comment offensive. Well said though.

ATi_Elite2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

@ Kakihara

I just got a personnel message from a Worgen stating he was offended also! LOL :)

Dark Elf very funny!!

NMC20072357d ago

This whole race and gender thing in gaming is starting to get on my last nerve, seriously. -_-

Tuxedo_Mask2357d ago

Yeah, it makes me miss the Atari days when your characters were blue or green.

OhMyGandhi2357d ago

cool and interesting story.
just checked out the original "anaksha"
and been loving it so far.

wallis2357d ago

I think bit by bit games will open up their protagonists as they search for more varied and interesting experiences. Prey, for example, had a totally cool perspective on the whole native american thing.

But growing up in britain I'm pretty much used to western society just plucking whatever the hell they want from other peoples' cultures because it looked cool. Our national dish might as well be chinese takeaway.