Does Gears of War Need a Bomb Gametype?

K.L. Smith: "The Man Up rule essentially aims to alleviate stalemates and 'camping.' I believe the ultimate goal is to speed up the flow of games and to force action with a higher rate of frequency in the Execution and Warzone gametypes. While this new rule introduction may provide an alternative to the persistent problem with the campy game flow of Execution and Warzone, I believe there should be a more extensive look into creating an objective-based gametype around 1-Life game modes. Why you ask? Read on to find out."

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f7897902510d ago

Nothing's worse than watching 2 cowards hide on opposite sides of the map.

Fragger2k82510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

That's why it should be spiced up a bit. I think if some sort of bomb mode was done right to fit in with gears, it would be a lot of fun.

Maybe each team could have their own defective ticker that wanders around, and the goal is to take a grenade and stick it inside of the other teams ticker, after picking it up, to try and set it off. You could also allow the disarming of said grenade so the match isn't too quick. Maybe you have to kick it so many times or something to get the thing to disarm. =P Haha, I think that would be fun and would fit right in with Gears just well.

Or perhaps as a different mode, how about an atomic ticker that's set to go off after being held for so long that scurries around the map, and the goal is to pick it up and hold onto it for the longest amount of time before it explodes, and the team that has held it for the longest amount of time wins.

Both of those would (mostly) solve the issue with people camping around like morons, since you would have to move around the map with the tickers and your teammates, like defending your ticker while others try to arm the other. No idea about anyone else, but they both sound really amusing to me, haha. Just came up with them on the spot, too. =P

Just think about having to try and chase those little things around, lol. Or how intense it would be chasing your teams ticker because it was armed and about to explode, running to catch up to it with gunfire all around, trapping it in a corner, and then *kick, kick, kick*, disarming it just in time before it exploded all over the place, then it scurries off again.

evrfighter2510d ago

every shooter resorts to taking from cs when they run out of ideas.

Fragger2k82510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

So no other games are allowed to add in different game modes to give players a little bit of variety? Was CS even the first game to use a bomb arming mode? Somehow I doubt that. Even if so, I see no problem with other games using a similar game type. More game modes give players more choices, and that makes us happy.

CS, and pretty much every multiplayer shooter in existence, came to be, and took from, older games like Doom, Quake and Unreal. So, going by what you're saying, I guess that means CS (as well as everything else) was wrong and should be bashed because it stole from them, since it has deathmatch focused gameplay.