Is Video Game Fanart Real Art?

Good Game: When you think of fan art, you probably picture bad photo manipulations or poor drawn portraits of game characters...sans clothing.

However we caught up with a Melbourne Curator who's taking videogame-inspired fan art to a more serious and commercial level.

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rabidpancakeburglar2537d ago

Anything with artistic design is art so yes it's real art

L6RD7BLU32537d ago

If it's a drawing, painting or anything that has a form of an ARTISTIC VALUE then yes it's art period.

Gigglefist2537d ago

Andy Warhol made "fanart" of Campbell soup and Marilyn Monroe, and that's sure as hell art.

It's a ridiculous question, to say the least.

tigertron2537d ago

"Fan ART". Art is in the name.

blackhammer2537d ago


Did someone really just as this question?

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