Steam: Savior or Slayer of PC Gaming?

Steam. Publishers and rival digital distributors want to be it. Gamers and developers want to be with it. And animals lacking opposable thumbs want to learn how to use computers just to use it... or so Valve would have you believe. But all isn't as rosy in the land of PC gaming as all that, and as Valve's digital gaming platform has picked up more and more, well, steam, it's garnered its fair share of backlash as well. With Valve's recent tiffs with EA over their upstart Origin distribution platform, never before has the community been so polarized by Steam. Will Steam continue to dominate the PC gaming landscape? And if so, what does this mean for gamers?

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Rrobba2484d ago


It got me back into PC gaming. It offers a convenient hub for all my games, as well as provide great sales and offers on the greatest games, automatically download updates, and allow me to keep in touch with gaming friends.

BattleAxe2484d ago

I agree for all the same reasons, except that Steam got me into PC gaming entirely. Before that I was 100% Sony.

evrfighter2484d ago

remember when companies like EA, Epic, ID, and Crytek were shitting on pc gaming blaming piracy on low retail sales before they realized that DD had taken off?

Ya Valve stuck with PC gaming through all that. Now look where is EA is. Trying to screw over Valve for a chunk of that pie.

EPIC Mark Rein ID's Carmack is now singing praises about pc tech

Cevat Yerli over at Crytek admits to having his plan to go console backfire in his face

Valve never went anywhere. The only thing that changed with them is they have more awesome sales.

ATi_Elite2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Well for the super low price of $0 you get everything you could hope and dream for including Free games from time to time.

Steam fixed everything that was not right with PC Gaming plus paved the way for the future of Gaming period. as you see everybody is copying Steam including iTunes. (iTunes totally reworked their site and opened the iTunes Store after the Steam Beta test)

Steam being Gamers first, then Devs, then Publishers just are doing everything right including taking feedback from the Gamers and playing with The Community on the regular.

Steam = The Best!!

Letros2484d ago

I don't want to think about what PC gaming would be like right now had Valve never pushed Steam into existence.


OtherWhiteMeat2484d ago

Savior.....where else could you fill a hard drive for under a hundred bucks ?

Ranshak2484d ago

Saviour for sure, Fall out new vegas is currently on sale on Steam for 9usd lol. Where else would i get these prices.

smt302484d ago

Neither. PC gaming doesn't need a savior...

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The story is too old to be commented.