Batman: Arkham City "Year One" Pre-Order Skin Revealed It appears that French retailer FNAC is offering a pre-order incentive of their own for Batman: Arkham City.

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J86blum2360d ago

Anyone think this go around these outfits will become DLC?

LtSkittles2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

It was already stated that they would.

Chitown712912360d ago

Why pay for Batman, when their Robin (robbing)? Hahaha get it? No one?? No? K . ( .____.)

JohnApocalypse2360d ago

I'm still waiting for the costume with nipples on them

strange19862360d ago

Hell yes!

Best. Batman comic. Ever.

Rynx2360d ago

I haven't read that one, but have you read TDKR?

strange19862360d ago

I have - also quite excellent.

lizard812882360d ago

I want a Captain Falcon skin.

Deadpool6162360d ago

Just hurry up and take my money! I want this game even MORE! >:D