Forbes: Females Spending More Real Cash On Virtual Goods In Video Games Than Males

It seems the virtual world of video games is replicating the real world mall, when it comes to the shopping habits of males versus females on in-game virtual goods. U.S. Gamers, whose online purchases of digital goods were once paid for largely by credits earned from advertiser offers, now say they are migrating to “real world” payment for digital goods using debit, credit and prepaid cards, according to a new study of online gamer behavior commissioned by PlaySpan, a Visa company, and undertaken by research firm VGMarket. The survey data was compiled in July 2011 from over 1,000 gamers drawn from a VGMarket database.

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sackb0y2453d ago

correction, females make males spend more on them on virtual goods.Have you seen ps3 home. Its all girls avatars that spend a crap load and other guys buy it for them.

Pozzle2453d ago

This doesn't surprise me. I had to stop my mom from spending real money on Farmville. She won't help me out with rent or uni books, but she's ok with spending money on virtual goods. >_>

Cablephish2453d ago

Girls love accessorizing, whether it's in real life of in a game. :D

I take that back. Don't want to incur the "wrath of woman".