Smash Bros. Sunday: Midna

ButtonCombo: Welcome to Smash Bros. Sunday. In this weeks edition of the Smash Bros. loving feature we give our thoughts on why Midna, Link’s ally in Twilight Princess, deserves her place in Nintendo’s long running beat ‘em up.

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vglulz2416d ago

I was expecting her to make an appearance in Brawl and was sorely disappointed.

I'm not sure if Nintendo will include her in the new Smash Bros. either. Fingers crossed though. I mean, I wasn't expecting R.O.B to be in the last game and he somehow turned up.

ashbc2416d ago

She has huge support, I think they will be silly to ignore her. With any luck Nintendo will see the article and get their arse in gear. I would love to see her on Smash Bros. 3DS!

thephillup2416d ago

I think she would make an awesome edition to the series. If they could also somehow incorporate wolf Link with her it would be so much fun to play.

tunaks12416d ago

shes been hacked into Brawl thanks to the folks at brawl vault!

Relientk772415d ago

Next Smash Bros game needs:

Midna and Megaman

ashbc2415d ago

If you read the previous week's Smash Bros. Sunday you will be pleased to see that we also agree :)
I've sent a link to Nintendo telling them what the fans want, comment on the article ( and help us convince them as such! :)

SinnedNogara2415d ago

Midna would be a cool character to see, someone focused on grabbing attacks. What would make her better is if she was a team with Wolf Link, similar to Ice Climbers. Wolf Link would have biting and clawing attacks, jumping on opponents. Midna would be able to grab opponents and throw them.

Though if they were to add another character it'd probably be from Skyward Sword...