3DS: Have Nintendo Completely Lost The Plot?

Dealspwn: 'These are trying, testing times for the Big N, and there are those in the dark, dank corners of the internet who are no doubt muttering 'I told you so' and tittering to themselves, mumbling things about how the company deserved a dip in fortunes after the runaway betrayal success of the Wii, prophesying no small amount of doom and telling anyone who'll listen that the Wii U will be gimmicky, underpowered (by the time it releases) and will be a massive commercial failure and that the 3DS is best used as a door stop.

On that last point, they may well be right at the moment...'

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Best2534d ago

Sony is sure to make the exact same mistake releasing the Vita at $250 just like the 3DS.

charmer2534d ago

nintendo 3ds never needed a plot, the right marketing, price and games from nintendo and it wins as expected