New Tales of Xillia Producer Talk Show Game Demo Screenshots

A total of 36 new screenshots of Tales of Xillia's demo version have been uploaded. The demo of the game, spanning 10 minutes, is currently available to those attending the game's Producer Talk Show being held at various areas in Japan beginning July 30th to August 20th.

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CrescentFang2537d ago

Hm well this was my favorite ^__^

just_sayin2537d ago

Tales of games are amazing to bad we won't get to play english.

Magnus2537d ago

Hopefully Namco does the smart moving porting Xillia to North America if not there will be alot of pissed off fans. Fans are pissed about Tales of Vesperia Ps3 not coming to North America Xillia not coming to North America I wonder how Namco's PR department will fix that.