Let's Golf 3D - IGN Review

IGN: "Let's Golf 3D brings back all my fond memories of Mario Golf. Playing the N64 original or GameCube's Toadstool Tour, I could spend hours on end just lazily hitting the links and playing through hole after hole. If you've ever enjoyed that same series – or Hot Shots Golf, over on Sony's systems – you can let this newest (and first) "3DSWare" game carry you right back to the clubhouse. "

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WhiteLightning2416d ago

They give most good games there typical 8.5 but a golf game gets a 9

I know it really just depends on the type of game or type of person who is reviewing it...but come on.

The scoring system confuses me sometimes

JellyJelly2416d ago

I don't see what's confusing. It's probably a good golf game, compared to other golf games. Two of my favourites are Hot Shots Golf and Tiger Woods 2003 (i believe it was). Both are golf games, they play differently, but are equally much fun in their own ways.

From time to time I see idiots (not you) on here moaning about games from completely different genres not being rated on the same criterias. "How come FIFA got a 9 when Final Fantasy got a 7!?" etc. No common sense.

Rrobba2416d ago

Look's pretty fun. I think IGN were a little to generous on the score, though. However, I will withhold judgement until I've actually played the game.