Nintendo 3DS price cut generates negative impact on sales

Nintendo went as far as to offer a trade in on older DS systems towards their new 3DS console.

Will this stratagem work for Nintendo? Are consumers laying back waiting for the price drop to take effect? On August 12th 2011 perhaps further answers will present themselves when the price drop for the Nintendo 3DS will be implemented in your local electronics, retail stores and online retailers everywhere.

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Rrobba2447d ago

Of course sales have declined prior to the price cut.

Inside_out2447d ago

Nintendo is in trouble. People have tired of the system and Nintendo. The scams have taken it's toll. The 3DS is just another DS in the long line of DS's...DS Lite, DS XL, DS with cheese and now, DS 3DS. I like Niny but they went to far and to often. The 3Ds is just a DS for hundreds more. The Wii was old when it launched. Not going with at least 720p as their native rez sunk them. They may never recover...Apple is killing them all including other phone makers. When you see everybody start suing Apple like they are, you know they are destroying them and they are looking for help. Even M$ is in there complaining.

2447d ago
charmer2447d ago

ok clown..the price cut hasnt even started...go cry somewhere sony fanboy...vita is pushed back cause sony knows it would get destroy after the 3ds price cut and games...and with 3d about to take off next can think again.