Metal Gear Series Tops 30 Million Sold WorldWide

In 2012 Konami’s Metal Gear franchise will celebrate it’s 25th anniversary but this year the series marks another milestone.

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TheBossMan2389d ago

Teh Salez!!! ZOMFG TEH SALEZ!!!

sack_boi2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Lol Black Ops alone has sold almost as much as The whole MGS series combined.

redDevil872389d ago

So? Black Ops can't match the quality of the MGS series.

cochise3132389d ago

too bad black ops will never have the respect and certified classic status of MGS. Cod will die in the next two years. it's blasphemy to compare something as great as MGS to black ops.

zerocrossing2389d ago


Lol at your comment.

MGS is on a whole other level to COD, its not my fault people cant see the obvious difference in the overall quality. MGS will always be remembered as one of the greatest games franchise to ever grace our consoles, COD on the other hand will be remembered for being overhyped, lacking in innovation, dishing out half arsed yearly sequels and having a fanboy following so devotedly blind to all of its faults they rival Apple fanboys!.

DigitalRaptor2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

This is so true cochise313. So many people have the opinion that "OMG Cod is amazing best game ever! who cares if it's the same as last time? it's fun" and then after market saturation and excessive milking from Activision, the series dies and no one cares. It reminds me of the pop music industry.

People can accuse Konami and Kojima of milking the MGS series, but it retains its quality and offers something completely new and grandoise each time! MGS is legendary, COD is annoyingly overhyped + overrated.

sikbeta2389d ago

wii-sport sold more than Black Ops, WOOHOO!!! bleh... MGS is one on the best franchises out there, so why compare? :P


Great, now Kojima-san, where is my MGS 25th Anniversary Edition?

BattleAxe2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

People will be buying Metal Gear Solid games as Collectors Editions for the next 20 years, but after MW3 comes out, nobody will ever care about Black Ops ever again. The Call of Duty series is a disposable game series. Also 30 Million units for a game series that focuses mostly on the single player campaign is amazing. Its also important to note that 99.9% of these 30 Million sold, were sold on Sony's platforms.

Play Beyond!

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Solid_Snake-2389d ago

who cares about black ops sales.

metal gear hitting the 30mill mark is amazing. im happy for konami and kojima.

keep up the good work guys.

Micro_Sony2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Why is everyone only giving Kojima Credit and not Konami : (

If it was not for them giving Kojima a chance then we probably would NOT have MGS.

Edit: I agree. If Kojima was to go on his own a start his own studio 70% of Konamis fanbase would follow.

The guy is legend and makes quality games.

zerocrossing2389d ago

Kojima is the real master mind here, Konami gets enough credit elsewhere. Not to mention Kojima is somewhat of a celebrity in his own rights, he deserves the praise.

Blacktric2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Konami is one of the worst f*cking companies out there, that's why. You wanna know why? They don't respect people working for them. Look what happened with Guy Cihi, the voice and mocap actor of James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2. They've used both his voice and mocap performance over and over again in every re-release of Silent Hill 2 and never paid him for it and now they're changing the voices of characters in Silent Hill 2 so that they won't get into more trouble. Konami doesn't deserve any kind of respect.

Rashonality2389d ago

love the series, Kojima FTW

Micro_Sony2389d ago

Congrats Konami!!

Sony get off your high horse and send Konami a check to make sure MGS5 is exclusives with no if or buts.

I like my 360 but I also know that MGS4 was amazing because of the cell.

news4geeks2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

MGS4 was amazing because of Kojima Productions. The cell couldn't hack it and forced an install every chapter.

MGS is one of the greatest video game series of all time and deserves every sale. Raven Nomad just stop trolling, fanboy trolling is so 2007.

KingSlayer2389d ago

Cell had nothing to do with the installs Gomer.

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