StreetPass guide: Tips, tricks & how to get lots of hits

[Posted by admin of] StreetPass is one of the most interesting features of the Nintendo 3DS, a social tool unlike any other. It’s also quite an awesome one when you combine it with the surprisingly addictive StreetPass Quest and the Puzzle games. Let’s start with the basics:

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ATi_Elite2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Tips, tricks & how to get lots of hits....on N4G

1. Make a Flaimbait article, PC vs. Console usually stirs up the Hornets Nest really quick

2. Put a picture of a half naked chic playing a game. Hell just scroll N4G and grab one of the 5 that always get used every other day.

3. Post first and make sure you write the biggest troll post you can to guarantee the wrath of gamers. Even toss MW3 in there for spice.

4. Top 10 List, break the article down into a 10 things list. Now see #5 for Glory!

5. Click Fest, now put each of the 10 things on a different page Guaranteeing 10 clicks per person to read even if the sentence is three words long. Sure Gamers will be pissed but come on man think of those glorious Hits!

6. Sabotage, If some smart ass Gamer re-posts the list in an effort to help fellow gamers from your stupidity, Tag him for being offensive to have the list removed. Evil yes but hey your already a scum bag looking for hits so have no conscience.

7. if your really smart slightly reword the title and submit it again 4 days later for even more hits and make sure to change the picture

That's the winning formula my friend tried and true.
On Topic.....Nintenddo 3DS street Pass wow never heard of it. Anybody knows what it does!

Danteh2393d ago

wow so true dude, almost nobody makes comprehensive articles like this cause they don't get that many hits and it's much easier to just do a "Why the Nintendo 3DS is completely finished and the PS Vita will rape it" in 2 paragraphs and have like a thousand hits lol

ATi_Elite2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Yeh Good articles are slim to none now a days and not just on N4G but in Gaming period. So many great titles, tech updates, and Developer Interviews out their but every site just seems to focus on flaimbait or BF3 vs. Mw3. I want more interviews with the Euro Devs cause so far they have been making the BEST PC titles of late!

as far as street pass, besides just being a counter of how many people you walk by having a 3DS what the heck else does it do?

For example i pass ten people with a 3DS it unlocks a character??????

Danteh2393d ago

Well if you pass ten people that'll give you 10 puzzles pieces and 10 warriors to advance in the StreetPass minigames and that in turn gives you hats and Mii customization ("new characters")

In the article it's probably better explained :P

ATi_Elite2393d ago

I sure did and I guess it works....LOL

Slow news cycle so i just added some spice to an article. I got killed while playing Arma 2 MP so this kept me busy waiting for the mission to end.

Cpt_kitten2393d ago

now that the price is gonna drop i might pick up a 3ds seeing how its a responsible price and i think star fox is out fairly soon

StarWolf2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

to get hits, just ride around in a bike around rich neighborhoods for about an hour. You can also use this for free wifi