Treyarch hold auction for deceased employee's family

Earlier this year Treyarch employee Donald Barnes was murdered after trying to intervene in a fight outside his California home. To help Donald's grandparents raise the children he left behind, the Barnes family memorial fund has been set up and Treyarch has decided to help with a seven-day eBay auction.

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hamoor2390d ago

"Barnes, who was 41, was killed in January of this year after he tried to break up a fight between a man and woman at his apartment complex"

That's makes me feel so bad....
He only wanted to help. Although am wondering how did he die from breaking a fight between a man and a woman!

RIP barnes and kudos for treyarch for their kindness

dangert122390d ago

Sad sad I hate on IW/Treyarch with a passion mostly because of activisions evilness and how IW where disrespectful towards treyarch also the fact they seem hell bent on giving you the shittest expriences your willing to pay £55 for...but when one of their members do do good they die? lifes a bitch RIP

Electroshocked2390d ago

He was stabbed, this is tragic and very sad, it's even worse that he died trying to do good.

jaosobno2390d ago

A true hero. Noble till the end.


Electroshocked2389d ago

Indeed he was, R.I.P. Donald Barnes.

FlashXIII2390d ago

This is so sad and echoes the truth that we really should cherish each and every day we live on this planet. This even more so rings true as I bet many members on this board would also try and stop a fight from breaking out between a man and a woman and goes to show the reality of the consequences of each and every action we take.

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The story is too old to be commented.