Indie game makers not to be given a deal with Activision

Activision holds a function every year to allow indie games to be created and put up on the big screen. Cash prizes are available to the winners who show the most creativity and enjoyable games. However, Activision is believed to have crushed the hearts of some of the games developers by saying that their objective is but to "help small developers bring their passions to life".

This means the indie games this year will not be going under contract for publishing with Activision

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DragonKnight2419d ago

Good for the indie devs then. Activision would ruin their games, or make them churn out yearly garbage. Indie devs need to research the companies that have most helped out their development scene and who are most likely to allow them to fully express their own unique creativity. That sure as hell isn't Activision.

Micro_Sony2419d ago

Are you a indie developer or have you tried to get a game published and make sure it reaches majority of gamers?

One thing you fail to realize is that the game industry is not what it use to be 10 years ago. Tools for basic gaming have become accessible to every one and a cheap price, which means that the indie game market is over exaggerated with games and some go unnoticed with out the proper funding.

As much as people hate Acti and COD they are a big company and they are doing something right if millions of people continue to buy COD.

PopCap did not need to sell out but they are smart enough to know that in the gaming industry you have to spend money in order to reach more gamers.

DragonKnight2419d ago

Are you an indie dev? One thing I've noticed is that a lot of people like to talk on behalf of people or groups they have no attachment to or any association with. If you are, then fine, if you aren't then who seriously asked you?

But touching on your post a bit, you should be aware that, yes it costs money to make money, but you should do your research and see who will provide you with not only the funding you need, but also with adequate control over YOUR OWN product. Activision isn't doing anything right with CoD, they're just repackaging the same game over and over and you get half of the people hoping it will outdo CoD4 and the other half are just typical shooter fans who don't care what they are playing.

Activision is NOT a good company. By any means. How they manage to continue to sell anything is less a testament to the quality of their products, and more a testament to the fact that so many just don't care what they're buying these days. There are so many other publishers that are better for indie devs than Activision.

Micro_Sony2419d ago

"but you should do your research and see who will provide you with not only the funding you need"

Fair enough Acti has a history of screwing developers but when no one knows who you are and you need to sell your game you cant exactly pick choose and refuse.

Bungie have been in the gaming business for ages and I am sure they read gaming forums where people are hating on Acti and COD but that did not stop them from signing a deal with Acti.

I understand that we gamers look at Acti from a gamers point of view but developers are looking at it from a business perspective.

DragonKnight2419d ago

This I can agree with. I still think though that devs should look at the whole infinity ward situation to see how Acti can be as a business too. All around, they aren't exactly a reputable or trustworthy company. They just happen to be the largest publisher.