Top 10 Annoying Player Types to Avoid Online

From the feature top 10 list:

"Online gaming is the one arena where Microsoft has thrived over its competition, especially over the last generation. With the NPD’S recent report demonstrating that the Xbox 360 is selling nearly twice as many online capable games as the PS3, it is clear that many gamers are turning to Xbox Live for their online gaming experience. While Xbox Live may have a higher user base than its fellow gaming consoles, not all is right in the online home that Microsoft or Sony built. My fellow gamers, our greatest danger does not come from diabolical hackers or over priced DLC/online subscriptions. No, our greatest enemy games right here among us. From achievement whores to disconnecting crybabies, PlanetXbox360 proudly presents the Top 10 Types of Players to Avoid in Online Gaming."

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chadwarden2355d ago

I don't care about the others but I just can't stand those trash talking 8-12 year olds.

hamoor2355d ago

Oh god dont start with those o.o


Northtouch2354d ago

@ ChadWarden

You could not be more right. If theres one thing i cannot stand, its the kids. The fucking stupid annoying little squeaky fuckers who tell everyone what to do and complain.

llMurcielagoll2354d ago

Couldn't agree more! and Id like to add one more to the list, the troll! However I enjoy trolls in online play when they are smartly funny trolling. However not lame stupid offensive trolls

Kurt Russell2354d ago

Agreed, I don't talk online anymore unless I am with friends... And most of the time we're switched to party chat so don't even interact with strangers at all.

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JellyJelly2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

I find the worst (that I've encountered) to be annoying kids who tend to start humming during the game, and above all people who have their mics turned on with lots of background noises such as music, television or screaming kids.

On the other hand I love when people get rage fits for losing. Just makes you want to beat them even more. :)

Tony-Red-Grave2355d ago

i personally hate couples just the amounts of shit i have to hear when one of them is off or the amount of team play going on in a FFA is fukin annoying sometimes.

Razgriz182354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Even more annoying is the fact that often, they don't even talk. They just have music on or something, like we care what they're listening too! I don't know if this is a bigger problem on PS3 though, because if someone has a PSeye of Eyetoy, they are registered as mics as well. Very annoying!

beavis4play2355d ago

i'd add 1 more category to the list:

the people who INSIST on blaring loud music while playing and it drowns out everything on the headsets....i play zombie mode online a lot -and this is one thing that drives me nuts......

J86blum2355d ago

Agree Agree Agree..they blare it loud and its either black people or wiggers who sing along. why can they just go play DefJam Rapstar and leave the fragging to us.

DlocDaBudSmoka2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

wow are you the raciste they mentioned in the article? wy to spit out the word wigger. you do realize not all black ppl listen to "defjam" right? right.

edit* i gave you the disagree.

mttrackmaster382355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

@cupcake Well, that was racist.

beavis4play2355d ago

cupcake, i can't say for sure on the color of skin - but i CAN say it's almost always some AWFUL rap song. although - i don't care what kind of music it is - it really hurts the game when you can't hear anyone talking because of the noise.

J86blum2355d ago

Skin color does not matter, the point is its true, honestly those who knocked me are full of it because the "PEOPLE" who do the annoying loud rap music in the background and sing along. tell me they are not the same ones who talk crap after matches and act annoying. no its not racist its true. you cant throw the term racist around. if it walks like a duck, quacks likes a duck, and looks like a duck then im sure its a duck.

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d3nworth12355d ago

I can tolerate it sometimes but this one dude came in the match blasting Justin Beiber and we booted his Beleiber @$$ out. Funny thing was a good player too but we rather lose than listen to Justin Beiber.

beavis4play2355d ago

agreed! if ANYONE comes into the my team with music blaring over the headset - they get steel-toed out the door!!

hamoor2355d ago

The only thing I hate is the people who talk to others in the background and they lleft the MIC OPEN.

I don't wanna hear if your mom took your underwear for the laundry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xenial2355d ago

lol @ #1
It's annoying when people do things like that. Similar things happen in MGO. :/

CDbiggen2354d ago

Don't get me started on MGO...

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