Six Things We'd Love to See in Borderlands 2

Nightmare Mode loved Borderlands quite a bit, like the son they'd never had (possibly because they were a collection of people on the internet, and not individuals). One day, they heard about Borderlands 2, and thought, "Golly gee, this game could be better if only Gearbox did these things!" So they made a list, and all was right in the world.

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Micro_Sony2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Double post.

Micro_Sony2537d ago

Slow week fro gaming.

10 things gamers should eat before playing games?
1O fighting games that should make a comeback?
10 studios that MS wish they had from Sony?
10 WTF moments in gaming history?
10 women in gaming that would make good pot roast?
1O reasons why HHG was banned from N4G?
10 reasons why the 3DS failed?

OdinFallen2537d ago

Even though there were some valid points in here it came off as more of a complaint list about the first Borderlands.

Micro_Sony2537d ago

Yup...I want to complain about too much ammo in BL1 and also the fact that you could run through most levels with out having to fight anyone - try it when your on the last level leading to the vault.

Eromu2537d ago

Borderlands 2 needs the generated armor that was originally planned to be in Borderlands 1 before the art-change and all that happened.