Five Features for Fifa 13

A look at five details yet to feature in a Fifa title, that would really separate the men from the boys!

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Best2539d ago

It's not even 2012. Stop.

Hilbomb2539d ago

What he said... let we first enjoy 2012...

blumatt2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I wish all these sports titles would start allowing you to carry over your stats and season. We don't need a new game every year. I'd say offer a $15 expansion for the game each year with new rosters and players. Only offer a full new game every 4-5 years.

I also hope the Vita allows us to carry our sports games on the go. Play on the PS3 at home and then save the game to the Vita and play it on the go. Would be amazing!! Madden or Fifa no matter where you're at. lol

The same applies to CoD games. Just give us single player expansion packs and map packs and only release a full new game every so many years. That would work so much better. That way, all the map packs we buy don't become obsolete after one year. Either that or these map packs ought to work with every subsequent game if they're going to be so expensive.

MisterMarston2539d ago

That's a great point Blumatt! I'd actually agree with you on that one.