Capcom comments on Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition’s PSN DRM

Capcom’s Christian Svensson comments on whether or not the Playstation 3 version of Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition will use the DRM that requires the user to log-in to their PlayStation Network each time to play the game.

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SonyNGP2421d ago

Capcom not f*cking up?
Well then...

lodossrage2420d ago

They remember the backlash they got when they pulled this with Final Fight on psn

Iceman X2420d ago

Some companies don't like game-sharing, and it's their right to choose if they want you game-sharing or not.

hazelamy2420d ago

not using sony's network drm?
sony's network drm never required users to be online at all times to play, just your fucking drm did that.

fuck you making it sound like you're doing the players a favour by not using your shitbag drm.

i wouldn't waste my bandwidth downloading that if they gave it away, there's no way in hell i'd pay them for it.

although, actually, if they did give it away i would probably download it because apparently sony charges the publisher per download. >:)