Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge In Need Of A USA PS3 Distributor

Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge is releasing only on the Xbox 360 at the moment as a suitable PS3 distributor has not been found.

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buddymagoo2484d ago

I loved the original Jonah Lomu rugby. I just hope this is as fun.

Quagmire2484d ago

I dont see the point, not like Americans give a crap about Rugby

DJMarty2484d ago

Yeh a Mans sport, yanks would rather watch panzies with shoulder pads play american football.

Cmpunk2484d ago

soccer is for real men

Quagmire2484d ago

LAWL. You mean those pansy actors who cry everytime the trip up and graze their knee?

S_C2484d ago

"soccer is for real men ", LMFAO are u serious, footballers cry at the sight of mud on their boots. i suppose you have never ever played a rugby match in your life or watched a rugby match

DrFUD2484d ago

Strange the developer couldn't release it on PSN themselves.