Nintendo And Sony Should Fear The Zombie Gunship

Joystick Division: "When I hear pundits talking about why Nintendo and Sony might be in trouble in the handheld market due to iOS devices and smartphones, the discussion usually comes down to cost and convenience. Why are gamers going to spend exorbitant amounts of money on dedicated handheld gaming platforms when they already have devices in their possession which provide mobile gaming for much less?"

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Inside_out2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

The whole IOS, cell phones, tablets...etc...these, for the most part, portable products are not only taking over the handheld market, they are also threatening the gaming console markets as they have started to access Tv's anywhere, anytime.

This is what happens when greed becomes your number one goal in life and you forget about what made you popular to begin with.

The graphics of the IOS products are already approaching that of the consoles and when that happens it will be all over for these guys.

Apple releases new product under regular bases...WHY??? Because they have to stay ahead of the competition. If they sat on a Iphone for 5-7 years, would anybody buy another Apple phone...of course not and yet M$, Sony and Nintendo have done just that with their consoles. The technology is passing them by and it might even be to late to change it. Ipad has had two launches with new updates and it cost hundreds more than any console.

M$ has the most to lose here and I think they are in big trouble. Letting Apple dictate the market was a boneheaded Steve Ballmer move. As the Apple products find there way into more and more homes, people will want all their phones, tablets, computers, lap tops, BUSINESSES...everything connected and Apple has that covered. They are even tapping into the Tv networks with Apple Tv. M$ could be the biggest loser as their OS is their biggest money maker and they have sat around counting their money while Apple has had regular releases of products to stay ahead of the curve.