All of Westeros Clamoring for a Game of Thrones RPG

Cyanide is developing two games based on the popular A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series by George R.R. Martin - A Game of Thrones: Genesis is a RTS spanning a thousand years of history, and the Game of Thrones RPG follows stories stories parallel to those told in the books. However, there's more potential in the series than Cyanide is using, and elements from other games could fashion a truly stunning role-playing experience.

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Anderson82540d ago

a game of thrones rpg would be awesome but it would have to go to the right developers

TrevorPhillips2540d ago

You basically have Skyrim. Game of Thrones got their inspiration from Skyrim. Skyrim is an amazing game which im looking forward to.

moaradin2540d ago

What? Game of Thrones(the book) came out in 1996.

Grip2540d ago

i think he mean the other way
Skyrim got their inspiration from A Song of Ice and Fire

TrevorPhillips2540d ago

Yeah I know but im talking about the dragons and how they used to be with the dragons, etc

Arthas2540d ago

Id have to see a quote from somewhere to believe that.

Magnus2540d ago

Game of Thrones RPG I am all over that the books are awsome so is the tv show. Now if they would hurry and put the first season on DVD or Blu-Ray thats a purchase for me.

DatNJDom812540d ago

Get HBO Go. It's a great app for you comp or phone. You can see all the episodes there. And not only game of thrones but every other HBO series. Listen to me I sound like the freaking commercial. WTF

Magnus2540d ago

Thanks but I would rather watch it on Blu-Ray on a 3D tv and not a small 15 inch laptop screen or an I phone lol

Flummoxxed2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

An RPG would work, but I don't think playing as one of the main characters from the book would necessarily work well as the story has already been written. Like the book jumps from POV to POV, it would be interesting to play as different "peon" characters, observing and possibly influencing key events as they unfold from a supportive role. I kind of would enjoy playing as a Nightswatch character, an inconsequential Stark minor lord, perhaps a King's Landing palace guard, or a hedge knight. There's alot of fertile RPG stuff here, I'm just not sure how closely it could follow the story and still be exciting and innovative to play as a lead character since we already know the canon.

FlashXIII2540d ago

Correction to that quote.. gamers are clamoring for a GOOD game of thrones rpg. I'd love it but don't want some half assed simple money cash-in.

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