Naughty Dog's unannounced/cancelled game?

Naughty Dog is hard at work fleshing out the kinks of Uncharted 3, but this may not be the only project they are/were working on. There might be more than meets the eye as seen here.

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Cmpunk2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

nice find.

but tbh they should keep doing uncharted it sells great and it's a fantastic game :)

InNomeDiDio2539d ago

A cancelled game from Naughty Dog is sometimes better than a final game from other Devs :D

ASTAROTH2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

MS first party devs... oh excuse MS barely have some 1st party devs... 0_0

kaveti66162538d ago

Astaroth, I wish I knew what people like you were like in real life.

ASTAROTH2538d ago

Kavetie... people like me?? just a gamer, a mature one, with a life and money to afford all the three mayor consoles and its games... but appart from Gears that isnt developed by MS. Waht other exclusive is worth owning on my 360?

I have Reach and Forza 3 both great games but Im geting tired of the Halo franchise. Fable? I liked the first two. . . but the exclusive game on my 360 that I like the most is a launch game named Kameo!!! Yes the same game that get its sequel cancelled by Microsoft who apparently dont support or dont believe in its first party studios.

I dont wish to know you cause I know what you are. Ive seen you here a lot and by your behavior you are just... a BLIND FANBOY!!

Peace bro!!

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hiredhelp2538d ago

There's already a game made called THING. from classic old movie.

Niles2539d ago

I. thought they were a one game one console machine

jony_dols2538d ago

So ND are already filming Mocap for an unannounced game, for an unannounced console, while they are already working with PS3 hardware & Uncharted 3...

Urrakia342539d ago

Maybe their next franchise that is going to be on PS4?

THC CELL2539d ago

What is it thing?? I would not mind seeing a horror done by nd it would be awesome

Quagmire2539d ago

Apparanetly "The Thing" PC video game was quite good. Unlikely, but could be related.

limewax2539d ago

it was very good, it was one of the better horror games of old in fact. I think I had it on ps2, but it was a very well crafted game to me

MysticStrummer2538d ago

If it's the same as the PS2 game, then it was very good despite a few flaws. I'd love to see Naughty Dog's take on The Thing. I want an updated Freedom Fighters also, dammit.

blumatt2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

YES!! Freedom Fighters was a true gem on the PS2. Awesome game!! I'd buy a sequel in a heartbeat if it stayed true to the original.

LarVanian2539d ago

I'd love to see Naughty Dog make a science-fiction game. They apparently had a game
idea that sounded similar to Bioshock.

Muitnorts2539d ago

I think that'd be great too, seeing the crazy things they could do while not tethered by real world logic. Their set pieces are already mind boggling!

Voxelman2538d ago

That was Uncharted it was originally going to feature an underwater city.

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The story is too old to be commented.