Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Opening Movie Wins SIGGRAPH 2011 Award

Namco Bandai Games has revealed that the forthcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2, set for release in Arcades this autumn, has won an award at the recent SIGGRAPH 2011 event. SIGGRAPH is the recognised body for computer animation and interactive works, and this year many videogames companies were highlighted as leaders in the field.

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tarbis2508d ago

Congrats to Namdai. Can't wait for TTT2. =D

Quagmire2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Tekken always has the best CGI clips in any game this gen. Many developers simply use their in-game engine and render their cutscenes through that. Namco takes the time and effort to really push their CGI scenes, which end up being quite epic.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection opening is the best of all the series: