The World's Most Expensive Games

And here you were thinking $60 was expensive. The Rare Video Game Auctions have a list up of what they reckon are the ten most expensive videogames, at auction, in the world. The cheapest, Blockbuster World Video Game Championships II on the Genesis/Mega Drive, starts at $2000. Things only get pricier from there.

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Wozzer3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

One word; tax, to be precise VAT (Value Added Tax) which we pay on literally everything at 17.5% - You can also add import duties to that as our government likes to screw us all ways!

riksweeney3875d ago

Of course the government needs to tax things, how else could they afford to give handouts to the illegal immigrants and spongers?

MK_Red3875d ago

And I thought Rock Band was expensive...

Syko3875d ago

LMAO, I was waiting for this to be a slam on Rock Band for some reason.

I like the lists of actual rare games, not the limited edition carts that you would have never owned or had in a million years. Still, 10k+ for a game is CRAZY.

Wozzer3875d ago

Rofl that was the best comment I've ever read! You speak the truth.

Bebedora3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

I'm gonna save my ex of FF VII for my pension. Then I'll sell it for multi global mega load of bux! moah-hahahahahaha!

Sam Fisher3875d ago

the world most expensive ice cream rounds up to 25,000$ and up...they have edible gold... literally golden sh**s... thats COOL