Amazon reveals exclusive pre-order bonus for No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise has revealed their exclusive pre-order bonus items for those who are willing to reserve No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise for Playstation 3 from the website.

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2263d ago
holdmedownma20082263d ago

the game is a classic, i have both on the Wii

WetN00dle692263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I bought the Korean version of this game last year. It came with the Sexy Cherry Erotica Portraits. I had uploaded some pics of the portraits, ill post them here for those that havent seen them. Anyways the game is amazing and the only reason why i might get this upcoming version is cause there is no gore censorship.

Knushwood Butt2263d ago

I find the gore gets annoying: it covers the screen so you can't actually see what is going on for a few seconds.

rezzah2262d ago

i love the art style for the characters in this game.

however i dislike the clunky play style. Most annoying is the charge feature for the saber sword. I rather rapidly press a button than move my controller up and down every 5 mins.