PS3 vs 360 vs Wii Gap Charts

Welcome to the all new VGChartz Gap chartz. If you visited this article before you'll remember 5 distinctive charts, Xbox 360 Vs. Playstation 3 in every region, plus a Global chart, as well as a Wii Vs. PS3 & 360 (HD) chart. As this generation begins to close most of these charts were very unlikely to show any sort of change in direction, so they have been retired. The PS3 Vs. Xbox 360 Global chart remains, still managing to duke out who wins 5 years down the line, this is still very much an interesting battle to watch. I've added two new charts to make up for the loss, Wii Vs. Xbox 360 in Americas, and Wii Vs. Playstation 3 in EMEAA. Both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 have been and should continue to diminish the gap in their respective regions and may even come close to overtaking the Wii. Later in the year I will be adding a PSvita and Nintendo 3DS gap chart.

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firemassacre2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

wii has really sold a ton of consoles. at the beginning it would fail but look at it now.

not trying to be a fanboy but my ps3 is sitting on my shelf like a king and its getting a ton of amazing exclusives. more than any of my other consoles thats for sure.

buddymagoo2358d ago

What console would people want to own if they jumped in now? You would still need to own them all to get all their great experiences. Who doesn't own them all by now anyway. Also do sales really matter at this point any more?

mt2358d ago

owning three consoles is costly. beside i am owning ps3 three only i don't have the time to play all the games i want to play. imagine having two more consoles.

kneon2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

I don't have all 3, I have a Wii, 3 PS3s, 2 very high performance PCs and a bunch of other PCs good enough for most games. Cost is not an issue, there just hasn't been an XBox exclusive good enough to make me want to bother buying one, and I've played most of them.

And I agree that by now sales don't matter, they all have a big enough install base that publishers can't ignore any platform.

DualConsoleOwner2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

so even if you do own 360 and PS3, you will only get like 2 exclusives a year to play on 360 while PS3 is getting tons of exclusives.

So there is no real good reason to get 360 if you own PS3 already. Unless that 2 games are that important to you.

BattleAxe2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )


Who wants to have 3 consoles sitting in their livingroom, and does anyone have the time to play every major game on every console? I know I don't, so I made a choice in February 2006, after looking at all 3 consoles, to buy a 60 gig PS3, and here we are in 2011 and I know I made the right decision. My other great decision was starting up a Steam account on my PC, which is now the place where I buy most of my multi-platform games, because its way way cheaper. The nice part about Sony and the PS3 is that Sony has so many great First Party Studios, that they could compete and survive even without the majority of third party games out there, thats how I know I made the right choice. PS3 First Party Studios has every genre covered, and has even created genres of their own.

-Gran Turismo
-Modnation Racers
-Little Big Planet
-God of War
-Heavenly Sword
-Syphon Filter
-MLB The Show
-NBA The Inside
-Team Ico
-Sly Cooper
-Jack and Daxter
-Ratchet and Clank
-Ape Escape
-DC Universe Online
-Eye Pet
-Free Realms
-White Knight Chronicles

All you need is one console, and that console is a PS3. Feel free to add any games that I'm missing :D I'm willing to bet that Sony will make another acquisition, but its anyone's guess as to which company it will be. I think that Take Two would be a great choice, with all the IPs they own. Imagine if Sony had these titles too:

-BioShock series
-Borderlands series
-Civilization series
-Grand Theft Auto series
-L.A. Noire
-Mafia series
-Manhunt series
-Max Payne series
-Midnight Club series
-MLB 2K series
-NBA 2K series
-NHL 2K series
-Railroad Tycoon series
-Red Dead series
-Serious Sam series
-Stronghold series
-Tropico series
-Codename Eagle series

It would be all over for the competition.

"EA extended the offer until June 16, 2008, at the same price of US$25.74 per share. Take-Two's position did not change and on September 14, 2008, EA announced that they decided to let the US$2 billion offer to buy Take-Two expire."

Sony has $8.3 Billion in Reserves for Acquisitions just sitting there.....who knows what the future holds.

SilentNegotiator2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

I've owned all 3 at some point and time, and today wish I had never bothered with 2 of them.

To think I could have saved $650 on hardware and around $200 on online fee BS. I am NOT buying all of the systems next gen. Seriously, I can go without a few games. It's not like I have the time or money to play ALL of the games I want to anyway.

Anon19742357d ago Show
buddymagoo2357d ago

I was only trying to be fair but I see every ones point. I only have a PS3 and PC. Sold the Wii and 360 a couple of months ago.

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2358d ago
Best2358d ago

Not trying to be a fanboy but my PS3 collects dust in my closet while I use cross game chat on my 360.

Dante1122358d ago

Please mods, bring back the gamer/open zones.

Miiikeyyy2358d ago

Wow, enjoy your cross-game chat while we enjoy games.

Series_IIa2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

I for one am enjoying both cross game chat and games. so...

SilentNegotiator2357d ago're playing two systems at once?
Wow, now that's talent!

lol, I had to.

Denethor_II2357d ago


He's clearly using Skype whilst playing his PS3.

koh2358d ago

Yeah, thats a pretty weak argument.

jukins2358d ago

lol really not trying to be a fanboy?

2358d ago
tiffac2358d ago

You don't need a cross game chat to play games, that's just a poor excuse right there to advertise your favored console.

cobblestone192357d ago

Are you sure you even own a Ps3? I sold my 360 a while ago cause I was sick of looking at it, always unused, collecting dust. The Ps3, you know, the system with games, takes up all of my gaming time.

blackburn102357d ago

Your not a fanboy Best. Your a troll. Everyone knows that so why do you pretend otherwise. Nothing to do?

Ace_Man_62357d ago

I'm glad you're good at trolling, because you suck at being a human being

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MaximusPrime2358d ago

*cough* xbox360's lame year head start *cough*

No changes move along

Vega752358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

*cough* Sony has won 2 gen with brand loyalty. Why is it still in third *cough*

*cough* wii came out around the sametime ps3 launch. So the head start argument is weak *cough*

*cough* ps3 has all the exclusive yet still in third. Yet the highest selling game is CoD *cough*

specialguest2358d ago

*cough* I have a cold *cough*
*cough* No really... I'm being serious. I think I'm getting sick *cough*

Muitnorts2358d ago

Well to be fair, the year head start argument would be weak if 360 had sold as much as the Wii but it hasn't.
I'd also argue that Sony won two generations because of games, not the brand. That being said, using the year head start as an argument against the 360's success is quite silly too. Who knows what would have happened if they released at the same time? PS3 was still very expensive.

2358d ago
tiffac2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Do any of you guys need any cough medicine or something? lol!

Seriously who gives a [email protected] who is 1st or last these days. This is the most healthiest generation I've ever seen with 3 competing powerhouses.

We're getting great games people enjoy that instead.

MysticStrummer2357d ago

Are you really trying to say PS1 won it's generation with brand loyalty? What an odd statement. PS1 was a huge question mark, but it won because of games. PS2 won because of games. Wii is winning this generation because Nintendo tapped into a huge new audience of casual gamers. Call of Duty is the most casual friendly shooter around. That's why it sells well on all platforms. PS3 has been the most expensive console during bad ecomonic times and is still doing just fine. I've played on 360 and never regretted passing on owning one. Sony brings the games.

blackburn102357d ago

Wow to think people are still bitter over Sony's dominance in those days that they still have to make excuses. Sony's PS2 was the highest selling system ever with over a hundred million sold which no console has beaten to this day.

They dominated the gaming industry,admit it and get over it. Stop trying to find reasons why it might not have been or shouldn't have been. BTW why are we still listening to VGC? That's like listening to Fox News

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Series_IIa2358d ago

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases...

Vega752358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

the head start argument is weak. because it's not like the ps1/2 won two gen by a couple million but more like 100 million difference than the competition. it's no one fault but sony why the ps3 started out expensive but as the price dropped more people would have brought it. as for games sony has them so whats stopping them from taking the lead now. you can't just say "oh if they would have came out around the sametime thing might have been different" why the ps3 would have still been expensive while the competition would have still launched at a lower price point. now if the ps3 and 360 would have launched at the same price point at the same time you would probably have an argument about the ps3 winning. but the ps3 would have still started at $600 while the 360 started at $400.

it's like the saying goes "if a frog had a glass ass he wouldn't jump on rocks"

MysticStrummer2357d ago

Yup the PS3 launched at $200 more than the 360 and has still managed to outsell it worldwide ever since, even though it's still more expensive.

EVO-OM3GA2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

I thought vgchartz were an unreliable source


I'm amazed I got 3 disagrees with no reply lol

Series_IIa2358d ago

Its only accurate when it has higher numbers for the fanboys favourite system.

Bereaver2358d ago

I never even looked at the article regardless what the results are. They're unreliable.

SITH2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

When something is labeled unreliable it is based on evidence. What is yours? What can you compare it too? What other options are there besides vgchartz? What constitutes accuracy in your opinion which vgchartz should use? If you can answer all of those then you have done something not one single person on this site has managed to do since when I first asked in 2005. If not shut up and accept the reality this is all there is or ignore it and whine elsewhere.

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