Top 25 Games to Play Before Summer is Over! (25-21)

The summer season is a great time to get outdoors and be active. That’s why we’re encouraging you to stay inside and enjoy air conditioning and good games. You could read a book, but who does that?! Not you. Instead of “using your imagination” to visualize grand adventures and heroic quests, you prefer to be smack in the middle of one. This summer, save the world from your couch and leave the sun tan lotion, paperback novels, and gas money where they belong: away from you and your controller.

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Dynasty20212541d ago

Bad Company 2, Oblivion and Demon's Souls are the ones I would rush into playing again.

Oblivion alone would pass the time before Skyrim arrives, and you can get it on any platform for around a tenner, and it has LITERALLY 500+ hours worth of gameplay and more. Easily the best FPS RPG around, and Skyrim is taking it and making it better in every way. Oblivion is a game RPG developers need to take note of. It's openworld gaming finally done right, with so many things to do it just baffles me how they only asked for 40 quid when it came out originally.

And Bad COmpany 2 blows any CoD game out of the water, even CoD players secretly admit it, and is ridiculously addictive.