Mark Rein : "Good Chance" UTIII Ready Before Xmas

In a recent interview at the San Francsico UT III launch event, Epic VP Mark Rein answers concerns about the PS3 release:

" We're getting awfully close. This version we had here today was [gestures] this close to being a release candidate, so hopefully we'll be done with it really soon. If we get it done at just the right time, there's a good chance it'll be out in stores just before Christmas ".

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Bonsai12143547d ago

i knew that sony wouldn't put UT3 on their list of holiday games if it wasn't for a reason. because thats a pretty big error if they do.

i'm pretty much set with games then for the time being. Uncharted for november, UT3 for december break. i'm betting that now they're just polishing up the visuals, refining code, balancing weapons, smoothing out the control scheme. i need to get myself a usb keyboard..

xhi43547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

being stupid to not release it before Christmas, it's EPIC not being able to finish it on time.

But if this does come about YAYYY :P My computer isn't 'high-end' enough for these crazy ass games :(

I love "Good Chance"s!! :P

PS3 Limps on and on3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Since I believe this game could be the closest thing they have to a system seller this christmas.

This is the only one even 360 fanboys are kinda of excited about.

BLlNK3547d ago

You are wrong. Uncharted could easily be a system seller, even ratchet to those hardcore fans. More PS3s will be sold this xmas than 360s. I bet you. That price drop was brutal to the competition.

Omegasyde3547d ago

wow even your new name reflects your personal life of how you struggle to find yourself and how to tell you mom you are a homosexual while try to stay in her basement rent free.

Try suicide, it helped Kurt Cobain escape from Cortney Love. Perhaps it will help you escape reality.

Evil0Angel3547d ago

the reason i bought PS3 is the fact(or what i thought is a fact )tis game will be relased this year in PS3.

Relientk773547d ago

that would be awesome if it came out b4 x-mas!!! ... however, even if it doesnt, ill still get it when it comes out

gtgcoolkid3547d ago

the sob better not be joking. get ready to be pwned.

solidt123547d ago

Yeahhhhh!! This is my most wanted game this holiday. Merry Christmas EPIC Studios. I heard him say before that they are still pushing to get it out this year when the said it would be delayed.

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The story is too old to be commented.