North Korea Using Hackers to Steal Funds from Online Games

Gaming Irresponsibly reports on North Korean agents using hackers to steal money from MMORPG's like Lineage.

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Mechanic452539d ago

I always find these sorts of stories interesting as I have played the Mmorpg World Of Warcraft since beta, and have myself noticed the amount of spam in general chat within the game from 3rd parties trying to squeeze in on Blizzard Entertainment's profits by doing the exact same thing, farming in-game items/rare items to sell for real money, or to sell on an in-game auction house for in-game money to sell for real money as well.

Short and sweet

agentxk2539d ago

Just wait until Diablo 3 comes out. NK will be rune central!

Apotheosize2539d ago

North Koreas craziness never disappoints

Cmpunk2539d ago

who cares their gooks!

Kakihara2539d ago

I hardly ever care my gooks these days, sad I know but I just have too many things going on.

initial_kay2539d ago

gooks are viets you racist jack...

specialguest2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

The term "gook" was originally used for Koreans. During the Korean War, the word Mee-gook would often be heard which means America. To a US soldier, it sounds like the Koreans would call themselves gooks. In addition, the Korean name for Korea is Han-gook, and a shorten version referred to Koreans by the US soldiers would often be gook.

From that point on, the word gook was applied to some SE Asians, but particularly the Viet-Congs.

And no, gooks are not Viets or anyone you racist jack!

initial_kay2539d ago

hahaha... @ disagrees.... iam a gook fyi.

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