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Mechanic452414d ago

Very interesting video. As a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls series, especially IV: Oblivion, I'm glad to see so many elements seem to have carried over. Especially mode of transport via horses. For such a long time, Bethesda refused to acknowledge that such would even be included Skyrm, but watching this, with a fair bit of gameplay time, it's given me a nice taster for when this game is released. Nice story find :)

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whydoyouask2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

please ignore the person atop of me, he escaped from a mental institution for compulsive lying.

Mechanic452414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Me, Omi or best by the way? Or...all of us? heh

whydoyouask2414d ago

i am talking about Best because he is an obvious troll and didn't want to reply to his comment.

Rettom2414d ago

Or because he doesn't have enough bubbles

CommonSense2414d ago

"this is being shown on 360."

*Cheer* *Boo*

Grow up. how immature and fanboyish do you have to be to boo or cheer as a result of that statement? it has gotten worse than the polarization in politics.

comradestalin2414d ago

Because Elder Scrolls, a game that's had it's largest success on the PC, is being shown at Quake-Con in front of a largely PC gaming crowd.

holdmedownma20082414d ago

Fanboys are foolish, what is the point of standing up making the "X" symbol with your arms to tick off other players that may not be fans of MS's console? Quakecon is like E3 for the PC, why Bethesda was showing off the 360 version and not the PC is beyond me. But it's their game and they can do what they want. Who knows, who cares at this point? Let's just hope Bethesda doesn't make a buggy a## game like they usually do.

Bigpappy2414d ago

Bethesda developes their inhouse game on xbox. The team is comfortable with the toolset and it gives them the ability to upscale to PC and port to PS3. The game is probably completed on 360 already. I would not be too sure that the PC version outsells the console versions either. Bethesda games sell very well on 360. This time around PS3 guy don't have to wait, they will get theirs the same time as Xbox and PC. Knowing that, the booing was unnecessary but expected.

CommonSense2414d ago

he explained why he didn't use pc. he wanted to be able to play on a chair on stage while talking to his audience and using a controller lends itself better to those circumstances. he admitted the game would look even better on pc (not that we really need to hear that to know it).

radphil2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

"I would not be too sure that the PC version outsells the console versions either."

The series wouldn't even be known to console users if it wasn't for people buying it on PC.

While I admit the booing was highly unneeded, the whole series was geared on PC. You're not going to find the earlier ones from 3 on console.

falviousuk2413d ago


if you LISTENED to what he said you would have heard why he was demoiungthe game on console.


CommonSense2413d ago

and if you had READ what i said 13 hours before you, you would have seen that your comment is completely redundant.

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CommonSense2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

some jerk trolls about MW3 and gets slammed (which is appropriate). another jerk trolls about a ps3 exclusive, and he has more agrees than disagrees. only on n4g.

vickers5002414d ago

"uncharted 3 is better"


2414d ago
Hazmat132414d ago

both games are fantastic and great!

kingslayer10002413d ago

we know uncharted 3 is better

Amaterasu52413d ago

Uncharted 2 sucked donkey balls, overrated...UC3's graphics aren't that impressive considering it's been 2 years after UC2(which was soon raped by god of war 3's graphics)
let alone how sucky the story and gameplay and music were xD

Saladfax2413d ago

Why even compare them? They're so entirely different in so many many many ways.

That's like saying War and Peace is better than Harry Potter.

Like saying Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is better than Finding Nemo.

Like saying pie is better than cake! Well... maybe not so much the last one, but pie is soooo definitely better.

YogiBear2413d ago

@ CommonSense

Do you not see that you are also contributing to the childishness? You complain about people complaining, it's an endless cycle.

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Jihaad_cpt2414d ago

looks great but not fucking amazing

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TVippy2413d ago

C'mon, the crowd is way to crazy. They showed all of this stuff earlier on E3 (the beginning), yet the crowd is cheering like they're seeing something absolutely new and incredible. Video is new, gameplay is old.
P.S. Howard's voice is extremely annoying.

zeddy2413d ago

i have not seen any ps3 footage whatsoever nor have i read a preview about skyrim running on a ps3, this does not bode well indeed, i bet they're still porting it and getting it up to scratch right now.

Lazy_Sunday2413d ago

Skyrim as it was meant to be played--with a two hundred person audience cheering you on.

subtenko2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

"water..water!..water!!. .water!!" LOL

This game looks cool , I never got oblivion so I'll get this!

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

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rabidpancakeburglar2414d ago

I liked that little list to select the spell or weapon you want. This is the only day one for me this year and that's saying something considering the games that are coming out.

Madusha2414d ago

Looks bloody amazing! Pre-ordered.

Angrymorgan2414d ago

Yea new gameplay, shame he did the same stuff as in e3 tho, wanted to see more 3rd person myself, to see how good the character traverses the ground( doesn't float above it). Day one buy for me : )

eak32407d ago

I'm hoping the 3rd person POV is as solid as Demons Souls is, but Im guessing it isnt. I really have taken a fancy to the 3rd person perspective and want to really play Skyrim in it.

omi25p2414d ago

Damn it i just nerded all over the floor.