New Hitman: Absolution images

Check out some new images of Hitman: Absolution.

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OhMyGandhi2204d ago

this game looks so damned good.
they even made his sweaty bald head shine.

Cmpunk2204d ago

i cant wait to see his sweaty bald balls the

StanLee2204d ago

When did Hitman become a TPS?! Seriously, I saw nothing but gunplay in those scans! For a Hitman game?!! Really?!!!

Jay5202204d ago

They stole these pics right off the Hitman forums. Don't give them the hits

Eiffel2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Do love the attention to detail. Really do hope they don't go the conviction route and focus heavily on a 'guns blazing' aspect.

pansenbaer2204d ago

Really hope they don't mess up the formula for this game. Been playing through Hitman: Bloodmoney lately and that game is just so much fun. Really stands up to the test of time.

Jay5202204d ago

They stole these pics right off the Hitman forums. Don't give them the hits.

Salarian2204d ago

I love the Hitman series, but the direction they're going in is killing it.

Reading about the game in GameInformer, where they talk about Agent 47 "Crashing through a window, police hot on his heels" seriously makes me consider not buying the game.

He's a stealth assassin, not a mercenary.

mttrackmaster382204d ago

In another interview they show that they still deal with killing your targets creatively by infiltrating and stuff. They haven't abandoned the old Hitman formula, they just want more people to buy the game.

Urrakia342204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Ironically, when devs go in with that mindset, less people buy the game.

peowpeow2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

"Bu but they give you options! D:", they turn it into an action game, make 1 route where you go undetected and call it a stealth game.

Forget the fact that automated gameplay mechanics may enter the equation (conviction) :P

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