Captain America: The Cheathappens Perspective

Cheathappens, a website dedicated to giving a wee bit of an advantage to players (preferably after you've completed your game to prove your substance) has released an interview regarding the new Captain America: Super Soldiers game.

The interview consists of usual Gameplay stats, but also offering scores for the game's presentation, and how long the average player may find the game appealing.

The end of this article also includes some information for those wishing to build up the achievements/trophies list.

The rating for this game is specifically taken from the review score of

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Mechanic452481d ago

My apologies guys. Cheathappens gave this game a total of 5/10. The Cheatfactor 2/10 refers to how many cheats are available for this game

Jovahkiin2481d ago

I really enjoyed this game, got 1000/1000 too.

Bought it for 35e in HMV and traded it in off a pre-order in gamestop and got 40e so it was a massive win for me :D

Mechanic452481d ago

That's actually not too bad. Did you find the game to be lacking a bit since you traded it back in so quickly then? I'd be one of those players who would keep games stacked to collect dust and pick them up again in a few months, or years as it is since I still have my Sega Megadrive downstairs, can't believe it still works heh

Jovahkiin2481d ago

It was lacking but it was a blast while it lasted, some games last too long and become boring. The feeling when you do a finishing strike on a screamer and he knees them to the kidney is very satisfying in this.

I use to collect games and let them gather dust but when i can get 30-40e off a pre-order for a new game then that's a better trade off. The only games I don't trade in are multiplayer games i keep coming back to like gta4 and rainbow six however i always trade in a game when i know the sequels coming.