Will Smartphone/Tablet Owners Purchase the Playstation Vita?

An interesting inquiry based on the doom and gloom stories we have been reading across the net about how smartphones, iPads and tablets will usurp the mobile gaming crown and push out dedicated mobile gaming devices such as the Playstation Vita and the 3DS.

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fluffydelusions2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Who doesn't have a smartphone these days? Hardcore gamers will purchase vita. Anyone who considers ipad a true gaming platform is hopeless. Tablets serve a purpose but hardcore gaming isn't one of them. At least not yet. I'm interested in getting a tablet (android, not ipad!) Also interested in vita.

Best2415d ago

hmm lets compare sales from the iPad to the Vita. Nuff said.

fluffydelusions2415d ago

Thing is ipad has more uses than games. Can't really compare the two because not everyone buys an ipad for games.

jujubee882415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Compare the amount of AAA first party game studious Apple has to make games for iPad compared to the Vita. Nuff said (by which I mean, written).

@thugbob: I realize when someone is being purposefully confrontational without an argument to back them up. The difference is my thing is substantial and I will share the knowledge I've got.

Feels good man.

thugbob2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Best is a troll. He and others like him feed on your disagrees and comments. It's 'best' not to reply to him and others like him as it only fuels their satisfaction.

LOGICWINS2414d ago

"Who doesn't have a smartphone these days?"

I don't. Btw does anyone know if the 3G service offered with Vita will be free?

superadvanced2414d ago

i have a motorolla atrix and i am buying the 300 dollar vita

trollkill2414d ago

stupidest comment ever most ppl didnt buy an ipad for gaming smh ummmm lets compare pc sales to ps3 or xbox sells. lol see how asinine tht comment is lol

MaxXAttaxX2413d ago

Not only are you comparing sales with a device that hasn't even been released yet. But you're also comparing a gaming system with a tablet. Two different things with different purposes.

lMHl2411d ago

Best.... dont lash out at others because I fucked your mum.

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Shackdaddy8362415d ago

2/3 the population doesn't have a smart phone. Including me...

ethan2414d ago

You guys are missing out...

miyamoto2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

and me because a lap top can do most of the things a smart phone & tablet does.

And I always carry a bag with me on the go.

I am very happy with my Wi-Fi featured phone so I can save my money with a 3G PS Vita.

Buho2413d ago

And me. I don't plan on getting one soon either. But, the PS Vita will be a day one buy for me!

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hamoor2414d ago

Smartphones and tablets are multi-propose devices.
nobody is buying a phone just to GAME!
but 100% of vita owners bought it because they want a dedicated gaming handheld with superior graphics and games.
So yes, smartphones owners will buy the vita

a_bro2415d ago

smartphones will actually help vita, especially those verizon phones, why? well, if you have a Vita wifi, you wont have to opt in for the 3G version since you can turn those smartphones into a mobile hotspot.

NukaCola2414d ago

PS Suite will help too. Getting a taste of PS content on phones/tablets will be good plus all PS Suite content is transferable to PSVita

MasterCornholio2414d ago

Holy crap your right. Why didnt i think of that. I should get internet with my future Galaxy S then just use it as a wifi hotspot.

Zardos2415d ago

Different markets, different people. Don't see one taking share from the other.

firemassacre2414d ago

there not the same markets. obviously vitas designed as a portable game machine, smart "phones" yea speaks for itself. the games just are not as good as a dedicated handheld would possess.

THC CELL2414d ago

I am getting a. Vita as its a dedicated console unlike the tabs n phones

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