Yahoo: Which Game Console is the Best Deal?

Yahoo ranks the 6 major gaming systems as an evaluation of which is the best bargain for the holiday season.

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unsunghero284057d ago

I agree with the #1 pick and #2 picks, but not so much that the PS3 wound up all the way at #6. With the recent price drop- considering the Blu-Ray, Wi-Fi, and general multimedia capabilities you get in the package- a 40GB PS3 actually gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

I'm not sure if I would go so far as to pin this on bias. There has been a lot of anti-Sony sentiment from a lot of the press, but hopefully things are starting to turn around.

power of Green 4057d ago

I was just watching a new video on XBL with trixy in New York at a Toy's R Us" event about the 360 Arcade. One dude was talking about how its a great console for its price and its simple privte nature(didn't wan't online for his kids) Just a pick up and play console free of a bounch of crap 6 and 14 year olds don't care about.

power of Green 4057d ago

I was reading one of the comments in the site I forgot all about MSFT designing the 360 with PSP in mind thats strange indeed.

Danja4057d ago

A person with common sense will know that the PS3 is the best's the most versatile and reliable console..of them all...nuff said..!!

Prismo_Fillusion4057d ago

It's a pretty good list, with a couple of exceptions.
I think the PS3 could be a spot or two higher.
And I think the 360 Arcade should make absolutely ZERO good deal lists - because it sucks. It should be replaced on the list by the 360 Premium system - which is a decent buy.

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The story is too old to be commented.