The Top 5 PSP Games That Would Make Amazing PSN Releases

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: Thanks to the PSP Go, which eschews the hard copy concept in favor of downloadable games, most of the PSP catalog is already available on the PlayStation Network. Unfortunately, there are still a number of truly great games that haven’t made the cut for various reasons. Listed below are the best of the sadly neglected bunch that truly deserve a proper PSN release.

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Rushing_Punch2485d ago

why are there 2 xmen games on this list?

agentxk2485d ago

Because writers are allowed to have their own opinions?

Heck, I wish they had PoPoLoCrois

buddymagoo2485d ago

Poor list. No FF:VII Crisis Core? No Jeanne d'Arc?

agentxk2485d ago

Not 100% but I think it is games that need to be brought to the PSN for the PSP

CrescentFang2485d ago

Interestingly enough there is a game that couldn't be put on PSN due to it being on 2 UMDs (I forgot if there were other reasons, but this was the main one). The first game of the Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky series was released in the US this year and the second game is the one I'm talking about. Though only releaed in Japan, it is currently being localized by Xseed and the game is huge haha. The 2nd was on 2 UMDs (the game is gigantic none of that CGI stuff that takes up space and consider the series was ported to the PSP from the PC...). I asked a guy at Xseed if it was possible for them to put the Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky SC (SC is for Second Chapter) on PSN, but he wasn't so sure about that and that was when Ys Seven came out in the US haha.
Though if Falcom has a problem getting the game on PSN, then I would think Xseed would too...

Pyscho_Mantis2485d ago

crisis core
Kingdom Heart BBS
FF Agito

HeavenlySnipes2485d ago

Kingdom Hearts
Crisis Core
Persona 3 (yeah its on Ps2, but I don't have my PS2 anymore -_-)
Ys Seven
PSP Socoms (they stayed true to the stealth gameplay that SOCOM 4 did not have)

2485d ago