TSG Phlashback Saturdays: Bushido Blade (PSX)

TSG writes: "We hope that this article finds you enjoying you weekend. It's Saturday again, and that means we get to reminisce once more upon the game legends of old. This time we will be talking about the classic realistic fighter, Bushido Blade: I mean, who the heck doesn't enjoy samurai running around in a sword-driven frenzy?! This style of game has still yet to be rewritten by current developers, making it one of the most unique fighters ever created. Due to this and many other pleasantries of the game, it was chosen for this long-awaited edition of TSG Phlashback Saturdays."

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Solidus187-SCMilk2539d ago

I remember this game from back in the day this game was awesome.

I loved the level with the bamboo that you could cut down.