ATI Radeon HD 2900GT Launched with a Whimper

ATI quietly launches HD 2900 GT, only Sapphire seems to be selling

ATI and NVIDIA are locked once again in the ongoing battle for your graphics card dollars. ATI hasn't been much of a threat to NVIDIA's market dominance recently and many don't see that changing

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Bonsai12144058d ago

no surprise. like i said in some other story regarding this, ATI has really dropped off the map since they released their 1xxx series cards. things aren't necessarily looking up for ATI. they once dominated the market (9800 anyone?) but nvidia has had a huge resurgence and has hit a great stride with its 8xxx series cards. and to think that their 9xxx series is right around the corner, ATI really needs to step it up to remain competitive.

on a side note, if i had a desktop, i would definitely go for the 8800gt over any other card right now. 80% of the performance for 50% of the price of a 8800gtx

and another side note: whatever happened to Voodoo? they used to make graphics cards way back in the day too

skagrerrrr4058d ago

the 8800GT is at it's sweetspot and it can only get sweeter

mighty_douche4058d ago

currently i have 2 8800GT's in SLI and they're great (apart from driver issues). but with the soon to be released new GTS and the 8900's and 9XXX's coming next year i really see no way for ATI to get back on top.

OOG FunK4058d ago

ati is jus slipn so far I duno they have to like jump gens now I think lol